A Clean Bathroom is a must

Cleaning BathroomsMost people can deal with a little clutter, maybe a collection of dust balls under their bed or the top of the frig cover with junk.  Some even can stand their silver a little tarnished. However, when it comes to a dirty bathroom, that not happening.  We need the bathroom to be the cleanest room in the house and needs to be cleaned once a week, or with a large family that uses it more times than we can count at least twice a week.

Today’s bathrooms are made of materials that are easy to keep clean. Tile and porcelain surfaces are stain-resistant if dirt and scum are not allowed to build up on them. Make it a firm rule in your home to rinse out the tub or shower stall immediately after you use it. Spray water from the shower head on all interior surfaces, then lather soap onto a damp sponge, swish it around the tub or stall, and rinse.

Stay tune for more tips on keeping your bathroom clean. Cleaning the bathroom isn’t a chore most people look forward to doing, but if you follow our instructions, this all-important room will sparkle…for a while, anyway. Or if you prefer, toilet cleaning by KSJ Superior Cleaning Service  Virgina Maryland  Washington DCKSJ Superior Cleaning service will take that chore and release you to do something else.  And your family will appreciate it because you will be less cranky. Call us -240-205-3789